How do I pay for services done to my property?
There are currently several different ways you can pay your invoice depending on the method that is most convenient for you.

Via Emailed invoice: (for Major Credit Cards and E-Checks)

Send a check through the mail with invoice/envelope provided at time of service.

Provide M&D Lawn Care with your credit card information and we will charge your credit card within   24 hours after servicing your property.

No.  If we run into any issues, we will call you or leave you a message on your front door.  After we have serviced your property, we will leave an envelope and invoice on your door.
Do I have to be home while crews are servicing my property?
After your property has been serviced, we will leave an invoice with an envelope on your front door.  If you are a customer who has opted to have their credit card charged after each mow, we will charge your credit card information within 24 hours.  If you are out of town; we also have the option to email you your invoice with a pay link attached.
How am I invoiced after work on my property is completed?
We try to keep our customers scheduled on the same day when we service your property.  But due to inclement weather and other factors out of our control, we may have to arrive a day early or a couple days later than expected.  This is especially true at the beginning of the mowing season where we normally receive alot of rain fall.  Do not expect us to arrive the first day it stops raining.  We do still have you scheduled, but must service properties that we couldn't do first; due to rain.  
Do you arrive at my property on the same day every time you service it?
Yes we do.  We greatly appreciate any referral business we get from our current customers.  To thank you for your loyalty and referral to us; we offer a one-time per referral ½ off discount (up to $25) on your property when they become a new customer.
Do you have a “New Customer” referral program?
We understand the importance of security of your property.  The most convenient way would be to provide us with a spare key in order to access your property while you are away.  We would return your key upon your request in which we would mail/drop it back off to you.
Because of time constraints, we would not be able to call/text you prior to showing up.

I keep my gate(s) on my property locked due to security concerns.  What would be the best way to allow you access to my property if I’m not home?
We are pet owners ourselves and understand the importance of pets being part of the family.  When your pet comes up to us while servicing your property; we take time out to introduce our selves to show them we are friendly.  Their are no issues with pets being in the area while we are servicing your property.  The only issues that could arise are if your pet is known to be aggressive towards strangers.  We would then ask to have them put up while we were on the property.
I have pets outside.  Will this be a problem while you are servicing my property?
Lawn Mowing:  MOW, TRIM, EDGING, BLOW OFF HARD SURFACES: Mow to include trimming (weed eating), mechanical edging of curbs and sidewalks that meet up with grass and blowing off grass clippings from carport, walkways, curb/sidewalk areas and A/C units. 

Trimming does not include trimming weeds in concrete, cracks, flower beds.

Shrub Trimming:  Shaping of property shrubs to include clipping removal from beds/ground.  To maintain optimal appearance of shrubs, they should be trimmed a minimum of 3 times per year. 

Flower Bed Maintenance:  Deweeding and/or applying mulch.

Late Payments
We do ask our customers to pay their invoices within two weeks after services were performed unless you have made prior arrangements with us.  It is difficult to make payroll for our employees when customers do not pay on time.  If you have not paid your invoice within two weeks of service, we stop servicing your property until your account is current.  Depending on how long it takes for your account to become current, we may have to provide you another quote prior to continuing service.  This all depends on the growth rate of your lawn.

Lawn Service Issues
For any reason you are not satisfied with your lawn service, please call us so we may address the issue.